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Welcome, Travelers! 

Welcome to Cross-Culture Connections (CCC), where we ignite your wanderlust and immerse you in unforgettable travel experiences!

Unveil a Treasure Trove of Tailored Courses and Resources, specially curated to bring your immersive travel experience to life. Whether you're seeking language immersion, traditional arts and crafts workshops, culinary delights, or captivating historical insights, CCC has an array of offerings to match your unique interests. Prepare to be captivated, inspired, and transformed as you dive into the wealth of knowledge and hands-on experiences that await. With CCC, you'll experience the thrill of cultural flexibility and gain a profound understanding of each place you visit. Our tailored courses and resources bring your immersive travel dreams to life, providing hands-on experiences that match your interests.

Our innovative 4-step program unlocks the full potential of your adventure, allowing you to conquer the unknown with ease. We provide critical tools to understand the unique behaviors and customs of each destination, helping you bridge cultural gaps and thrive as you immerse yourself in new cultures. You'll not only bridge cultural gaps but also thrive in the process, expanding your horizons and forming lifelong connections with fellow explorers from around the world. Say goodbye to fears and insecurities as you embark on a truly transformative adventure!

Prepare to dive into a world of connections, memories, and transformative experiences. Cross-Culture Connections is your ticket to immersive travel like never before.

About Us

CCC is dedicated to helping travelers experience new cultures and build their expertise globally. Led by award-winning professor Kristina Wachter, Ph.D., our team provides students worldwide with a unique skill set that gives them the ability and confidence to navigate all sorts of situations while abroad. Our education is designed to help travelers become savvy, respectful, and adventurous. Dr. Wachter is an expert in cross-cultural education and has over 25 years of experience as a university professor who has created a tried and true toolkit based on survival skills used all over the world, turning the unknown to her advantage. She knows how to thrive in new cultures using the CCC Survive and Thrive Toolbox. In addition, Kristina is the creator of study abroad curricula, a business owner, and an avid traveler. 

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We believe in learning by doing! The best way to survive is to immerse yourself in authentic culture where you will thrive. With our help, students will gain the confidence, control, and tools to make their study abroad experience extraordinary!

Meet The Team

Brandi Flittner

Operations Manager

Brandi Flittner is our Operations Manager at Cross Culture Connections (CCC). She ensures that all operational processes are efficient and effective, identifying areas for improvement and implementing strategies to streamline the business.

Emma Shekina

Business Development Director

Emma Shekina is the Business Development Director at Cross Culture Connections (CCC). She combines her passion for diverse cultures with her expertise in B2B Sales and Marketing. 

Carlos Padilla

Social Media Managet

Carlos Padilla, with his deep-rooted passion for digital environments and a sharp eye for emerging trends, plays a pivotal role in sculpting our digital footprint. 

Sheila Brevard, PhD

Global Development Strategist

Armed with a PhD in Education/Global Training & Development, Dr. Sheila Brevard spearheads Virtual Solutions HQ, specializing in executive virtual assistance and strategic consulting. 

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