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Our Program

Cross-Culture Connections, provides you with survival skills you need to thrive in immersive travel.  With our inspiring Culture SPIN toolkit, you will develop the skills to live like a local!

This easy 4-step approach is based on pattern processing and situational application. You will develop the ability to interface with new cultures and turn fears into confidence.  Our time-tested methods are transformative - we give globetrotters the extra edge!  Learn to:

  • Confidently navigate tricky situations

  • Show understanding and respect

  • Obtain cultural and situational intelligence

  • Shape and control  your experience

  • Develop a mindset that will transform your trip!  

Our workshops, seminars, Destination Weeks, and digital resources provide you with the skillset you need to flourish!

Culture SPIN
4-Step Toolbox

Ready, set, go!

  • Put your new skillset to the test with guidance

  • Show your cultural intelligence 

  • Embrace a new world view

  • Work it to win!

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