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Free Immersive Travel Summits:

Explore the World with Cross-Culture Connections and Worldwide Experts

Cross-Culture Connections is dedicated to providing our clients with a unique travel and cultural learning experience. Through our series of educational summits, expert internationally-known speakers, teach insider lessons, tips, and tricks to help you understand and appreciate different cultures.


In addition to the summits, our cultural immersion symposiums bring together the best in the world to help students gain a deeper understanding of new cultures.

 Past Events:

Unleash Your Inner Explorer:
Where Lifestyle, People, and Pets Ignite the Journey of Immersive Travel!

Get there while you can!
September 21st - 29th, 2023 


the Experts!

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Dr. Wachter hosted 30 speakers from 12 countries and 6 continents, including travel guru, Rick Steves, Andrew Doughty, Corinna Cooke, Lamar Shembley, and other international experts in the travel in a scintillating and highly successful summit! Thank you to our amazing experts and participants for making this event a huge success!

Some places our speakers have been featured:

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